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Nutritional Counseling

Is it time to create a healthy YOU?

Clearly, working for a healthy body and mind is important for everyone. The right foods and portions can help you to feel and look better. Of course, the hard part is learning how to make changes.

This is where Chicago Weight Loss & Wellness Clinics comes into the picture.

At Chicago Weight Loss & Wellness Clinics, we know that food plays a key role in building a healthy life and body.

However, most people don't truly know what a healthy, balanced diet looks like. Many of the fads and poor advice that are easy to find in the "diet" market are hurting your efforts to get healthy. Instead, let us help you get on track for real success that lasts.

Support That's Just for You

Have you ever had a personal diet plan? Truthfully, many people who come to our clinic for support have tried all the "popular" diet programs and fads out there. Instead, we provide a personalized plan for weight loss. Here's what the focus is on:

  • Healthy foods

  • Proper quantity

  • Custom menus

Honestly, you can feel good about what you're eating while also loving what you're eating. This is what balance looks like. Of course, the key is to learn exactly how the foods and portions you're putting into your body are affecting your health and weight. Our team helps by showing clients exactly what to eat to get results and feel better. Also, you don't have to do the hard work of trying to piece together food choices on your own. We'll work with you to create a custom plan that fits your goals and works into your lifestyle.

The Benefits of Nutrition Help

Admittedly, many people assume that food counseling is only about losing weight and getting fit. Our services can be useful for that. However, the experience goes much deeper. Many people seek food counseling because they want to change their relationships with food. What’s more, those who have suffered from eating disorders, overeating or poor habits find new freedom.

Some people are told by their doctors to seek nutrition help because of health issues. Many of us simply want to live better, healthier lives. Here's a look at the many benefits:

  • Weight control
  • Improved fitness
  • More energy
  • Better mood
  • Better focus
  • Fewer colds
  • Less fatigue
  • Better digestion
  • Reduced symptoms for issues like headaches, migraines, joint pain and high blood pressure
  • Improved skin health

Which helps? Nutritionist vs. Dietitian?

While both provide diet support, they are not the same. Notably, a registered dietitian (RD) develops and monitors plans that promote positive eating habits. This can be helpful if you have a health issue or disease. Similarly, dietitians use knowledge of nutrition and physiology to create custom meal plans for patients. Additionally, a nutritionist provides broad education and support regarding healthy, nutritious foods.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

At Chicago Weight Loss & Wellness Clinics, we make it easier to get healthy. However, a hectic lifestyle doesn't always leave room for focusing on nutrition. Seeking the help of a professional nutritional counselor can save you time and energy because you won't be stuck testing out theories and techniques on your own. Chicago Weight Loss & Wellness Clinics goes above and beyond to make booking sessions with a nutritionist Chicago residents can use as simple as possible! Reach out today to book your appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Honestly, Is Nutritional Counseling Only for People Who Are Overweight?

Naturally, you don't need to be overweight to benefit from our services. In fact, people looking to treat symptoms of health and skin problems often have success through guided dietary changes. Treatment can also be effective for changing your relationship with food if you have unhealthy eating patterns.

Will I Have to Avoid the Foods I Love?

It's impossible to say how your diet will need to change until a full dietary analysis is conducted. Your custom diet will depend on factors ranging from your current weight to any underlying health conditions that may be hidden. However, many of our clients discover healthy substitutes that they find very enjoyable.

Does Chicago Wellness & Weight Loss Clinic Offer Solo or Group Sessions?

Presently, we offer both solo and group sessions with the consultant here at our facility. Therefore, your ability to schedule your session is based on your preference and schedule.

Can This Help With Mental Health?

Interestingly, many patients discover that removing or adding certain foods to their diets can drastically improve mental health. That's because low levels of certain vitamins and nutrients could mimic other symptoms. What's more, a food allergy or sensitivity could create symptoms.

Can't I Just Join a Support Group Online or Enter a Popular Diet Program?

Unfortunately, people looking for support often don't benefit from mainstream diet programs. The lack of nutritional information makes these programs very ineffective for identifying your specific needs. Truthfully, it's all too easy to come across info that simply isn't tailored to your specific dietary needs when you sign up for a popular program. That's because these programs have to be "generic" enough to serve millions of people. What's more, these programs don't address the reasons behind the ways you interact with food.

How Can I Find Nutrition Counseling Near Me?

Book your appointment at Chicago Weight Loss & Wellness Clinics. Additionally, you can reach out with any questions.

What If I Suspect I Have Food Allergies? Can You Test Me?

We can test you for a food allergy or sensitivity as part of a full plan of action.

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