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About Dr. Thakkar

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Dr. Anand Thakkar, with his unique background and extensive experience as an internal medicine and family physician, has identified the impact of societal habits and a broken healthcare system on patients' health. Recognizing that many conditions were not just preventable but also results of these factors, Dr. Thakkar has developed a completely new approach to medical care, rooted in prevention and holistic wellness.

A Different Approach

Dr. Thakkar's approach to weight loss and vitality involves a comprehensive evaluation of patients' physiological, behavioral, and environmental influences. He focuses not just on traditional aspects such as diet and exercise, but also on the role of personal behavior, stress, quality of sleep, and even personal care products. This inclusive method, coupled with his dedication to fostering new healthy habits and changing mindset at a subconscious level, has resulted in 72% of his patients maintaining their weight loss even after three years.

Dr. Thakkar's medical care mirrors the close relationship between a coach and an athlete, with him playing an intricate role in improving his patients' health. Using movement, nutrition, and a whole-body approach, he partners with patients to prevent illnesses before they occur. His dual expertise in traditional medicine and Anti-aging and Regenerative medicine gives him a unique understanding of the elements influencing a person's well-being.

Choosing Dr. Thakkar as your personal online doctor means dedicated attention without traditional clinic hassles. He offers a range of communication options, from quick text responses to in-depth phone or video chats. This is true preventative care, tailored individually for you by a doctor who understands your lifestyle and is committed to helping you become the healthiest version of yourself.