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Learn About IV Myers Cocktail

Reinvigorate Your Body With A Myers Cocktail

IV therapy is extremely effective at improving many functions within your body. The key benefit of this treatment is that things are delivered intravenously, meaning you bypass the gut and get everything sent directly into your bloodstream.
 •  Are you interested in an IV that will fill your body with key vitamins and minerals?
 •  Do you want to get the full absorption of these vitamins/minerals, ensuring they actually do their jobs in your body?

Myers Cocktail is a perfect choice, delivering a range of exceptional benefits throughout your internal system

What is the Myers Cocktail IV?

The Myers Cocktail is one of the best vitamin IV therapies out there. Developed by a physician called John Myers, this cocktail is composed of the these key ingredients:

All of these elements play crucial roles in the human body, helping to regulate processes and keep you as healthy as can be. When mixed with sterile water, you can enjoy these vitamins and minerals delivered via an IV, so they are all absorbed into your bloodstream.

  •  Magnesium chloride
  •  Calcium chloride
  •  B-Vitamins
  •  Vitamin C

The Benefits Of A Myers Cocktail IV



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It’s simple, thanks to the different vitamins and minerals included in the drip, you will see a wide array of benefits.
Some of the key advantages of this IV therapy is that it helps with the following:  
●    Reduce fatigue and increase daily energy levels  
●    Boost your immune system and prevent diseases  
●    Prevent/reduce the symptoms of seasonal allergies  
●    Enhance the health of your bones/teeth  
●    Experience better blood pressure regulation  
●    Improve brain function  
●    Diminish the appearance of scars and wounds

As you look a little deeper, you can see how each individual component serves its own purpose:
Calcium Chloride - this helps to improve bone density and also leads to healthier and stronger teeth
Magnesium Chloride - this plays a key role in regulating muscle functions while also keeping your blood pressure in check
B-Vitamins - you receive a complexity of B vitamins that perform different tasks in your body, helping to boost energy levels and brain function, while also aiding in cell metabolism
Vitamin C - as most people are aware, Vitamin C is essential for a healthy and fully-functional immune system. However, it also plays a big role in healthier-looking skin by aiding tissue repair and supercharging wound healing
As you can see, your body receives a significant boost when you get a Myers Cocktail IV. It’s generally considered one of the most popular IVs in the world because it gives you minerals and vitamins that you can easily be deficient in. Specifically, B vitamins and the other two minerals are difficult to get if you follow certain diets. For instance, vegans and vegetarians may have a hard time getting them as they’re primarily found in meat or dairy sources.

Why Choose Myer IV Therapy?

You can get all of the vitamins and minerals listed above by taking a multivitamin supplement.

So, why should you choose a Myers Cocktail IV instead?

Vitamin or mineral supplements are not the optimal way to get things in your body. This is because they have to pass through your digestive system, which is full of enzymes and other things that break down the foods you ingest. As a result, a lot of the minerals and vitamins you get from food sources or supplements won’t be fully absorbed into your bloodstream.
A Myers Cocktail will be administered directly into your veins, so it enters your blood before anything can touch it. This guarantees that all of the vitamins and minerals are absorbed, so they have a much greater effect than dietary supplements or food sources.

Who Will Benefit From A Myers Cocktail IV?

Anyone can benefit from this treatment as it is perfect to give you an all-around health boost.

However, it is particularly beneficial for anyone suffering from the following:
●   Weak bones
●   A lack of energy
●   Seasonal allergies
●   High blood pressure
●   A weak immune system (you get sick very easily, especially during cold/flu season)

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