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Glutathione IV Therapy

Enjoy Better Health

Boost Your Mental Capacity

Slow Down The Aging Process

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could achieve all of the above? Some treatments might help you tick a few things off that list, but rarely will you come across something that does all three.

With our Glutathione IV therapy, you enjoy all of these benefits and many more!

Benefits Of Glutathione IV Therapy

This IV is being used throughout the country because it is so effective at improving different functions throughout the human body. As a result, you will see some of the following effects:
  ●   Better and more vibrant, younger-looking skin
  ●   A reduction in hyperpigmentation
  ●   Heal sun-damaged skin
  ●   Improve and strengthen the function of your immune system
  ●   Clear toxins from your body - including free radicals that can cause cancer
  ●   Prevent oxidative cell damage
  ●   Improve and enhance cell regeneration - such as cell growth, wound healing, and tissue creation
Overall, you will enjoy a healthier body that’s better at fighting diseases and stopping you from getting sick.
At the same time, so many functions in your body start becoming more optimized.
It leads to skin cells that grow stronger and keep your skin looking firm and youthful. It also means your liver starts to function at an improved rate, doing a better job of ridding your body of harmful chemicals.
Put it this way, if you are looking for the ultimate detox therapy, then Glutathione IV therapy is the perfect solution.

Start Glutathione IV therapy with Chicago Weight Loss & Wellness Clinic and Enjoy the benefits of IV Therapy

What is Glutathione?

We all have Glutathione in our bodies, and it is produced in the liver. As a peptide, it is composed of three different amino acids:

  •    Cysteine
  •    Glutamacid or Glutamine
  •     Glycine

  •   When your liver produces this substance, its primary role is to detoxify the body.

      It gets pumped out to all different cells with the aim of removing harmful toxins that could cause a host of issues.

    Why Choose Glutathione IV Therapy?

    If our bodies create Glutathione, why would you need this IV therapy?

    Well, as you get older, your body starts to produce less Glutathione. This is why we often see changes in our appearance and body as we age. A lack of Glutathione means certain toxins are more present than they were before, causing all sorts of issues. You’ll start to develop dark age spots, wrinkles, and your health will begin to decline.

    Your body also begins to suffer from something called oxidative stress. This is when your body has too many free radicals that react with other molecules and can cause a chemical reaction - oxidation. Unfortunately, oxidation can lead to a whole host of health conditions, including:

      ●   Asthma
      ●   Allergic Rhinitis
      ●   Alzheimer’s
      ●   Heart disease
      ●   Autoimmune diseases

    Consequently, getting a Glutathione boost through IV therapy can counter this.

    You keep your Glutathione levels at an optimal level, stopping oxidative stress and preventing these issues from forming.

    All you have to do is ask yourself a simple question: Do I want to be healthier and rid my body of harmful toxins?
    If the answer is yes, this Glutathione IV therapy is the best possible solution moving forward.

    The Benefits Of IV Therapy

    A quick look online will show you a variety of supplements containing glutathione that you can ingest as a capsule or powder. So, why would you choose IV therapy over these other options?
    It’s simple, glutathione is not easily absorbed when taken orally. All of the supplements that you ingest will have to go through your gut, which breaks down the peptide thanks to all of the enzymes present in your intestine. Consequently, you can’t increase the glutathione in your system as only a minuscule amount is actually absorbed.

    The beauty of IV therapy is that it bypasses the gut entirely!

    Administering glutathione via an IV drip means it directly enters the bloodstream. As a result, you will instantly increase the levels of this substance within your blood, allowing you to enjoy all of the wonderful benefits listed earlier.

    Detox Your Body Today With Glutathione IV Therapy!!!

    This service is perfect for anyone looking for a liver detox to remove harmful toxins from the body. It is often used during the rehab process to help get rid of chemicals left in the liver by constant drug abuse, making it easier for the patient to recover from addiction.
    However, it can also be used by anyone that wants to have a healthier body that contains fewer free radicals and harmful toxins. If you’re interested in giving your body the detox it deserves - and benefitting from younger skin, a better immune system, and improved bodily functions - then get in touch with us today to learn more.

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