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Creating Healthy Habits & Mindset For Sustained Weight Loss

Re-evaluate Your Relationship With Food

At Chicago Weight Loss Clinic, we have specialist nutritional counselors on hand to help you evaluate your eating habits.

Our dedicated staff will review your current meal plans and listen to your food regime. We firmly believe that it’s not just about which foods you consume, but the habits you have formed around them.

We can help assist in some of the following areas:

  • Specialist training around individuals with eating disorders
  • A deeper understanding of our stress triggers and what might cause overeating
  • An re-evaluation of your relationship with food and the role it plays in your life

This deeper level of understanding will help you develop strong tools in your wellness and weight loss tool kit. We want you to feel empowered to make positive changes in your life, and understand why you feel the way you do about food.

80% of individuals who follow short-term weight loss programmes will not keep that weight off within a 12 month period.

Scientific American

Better Understand Yourself

An Integrative Approach To Healthy Habits

At Chicago Wellness Clinic we have a multidisciplinary approach to weight loss and wellness. Our qualified team of nutritionists and psychologists come together to create an integrative approach to healthy eating habits.
Our exercise plans and nutrition strategies are intended to help you boost your cognitive functions and wellbeing. We support our counseling services with dedicated food groups and exercise plans to ensure that we are providing a holistic approach to your weight loss maintenance.

Creating Lifestyle Changes That Stick

Our nutritionists and wellbeing experts will be able to provide you with realistic and achievable lifestyle changes that help you with weight loss maintenance.

Studies support that repeat learning helps you create habits that become automatic over time. Think of the social conditioning that leads us to wash our hands after using the bathroom, or buckle in our seatbelt before we drive off in our car.

These achievable lifestyle changes will build up over time into healthy habits. Your brain will carry out these actions automatically’, which will combat the traditional struggle associated with taking up new activities.

Talking through some of the traditional blockers to your habits can also help you understand why you might be self-sabotaging your weight loss journey. Greater self-awareness is often linked to improvements in weight loss and overall wellbeing.

Examples of achievable lifestyle changes include:

  • Reforming healthier ways to handle our stress triggers

  • Picking healthy foods that help us feel full and satisfy cravings

  • Taking up small exercise routines that build into healthy habits

  • Relaxation techniques to improve mindset

Supplementing Your Weight Loss Journey

There may be several factors you aren’t aware of impacting your weightloss journey. You might crave sugary foods because you have a vitamin deficiency. The fatigue that stops you from exercising might be resolved by a daily supplement.

Our nutritional scientists and analysts can help you establish whether you have any deficiencies in your diet that are directly impacting your weight loss journey. We conduct food sensitivity tests to rule out food group intolerances. Even the most minor food allergies can impact your health, your wellbeing, and your ability to form healthy habits.

With our support, you can gain a vital insight into which foods affect your body in a negative way. Integrating healthy habits with foods that support your weight loss will help you remove obstacles to your positive wellbeing and lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle Coaching

We go beyond the traditional weight loss plan and give you tailored lifestyle coaching and mentoring. Mindset is the key to a successful weight loss plan, as it helps you with the willpower and drive to maintain a life of healthy living.

Many individuals struggle with weight loss maintenance. A gain in weight can trigger a return to unhealthy eating. With lifestyle coaching, we can help you develop the positive mindset you need to return to sustained weight loss over the course of your life.

Lifestyle coaching is about understanding how your emotions, your mindset and your current situation impacts your weight loss maintenance over time. It can help you gain better control over your eating, even during stressful times, to ensure that you can maintain sustained weight loss.

A Tailored Approach To Suit You

We understand that nobody’s weight loss journey is the same. Everybody has their own struggles and everyone has their own weight loss journey. Our holistic approach will be tailored to your exact needs, from dedicated nutritional mentoring, through to lifestyle coaching and counseling services. When you work with us, you’ll gain the tailored support you need for your weight loss maintenance.

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